My last post…Don’t Do That !! explained some thoughts about restrictions and boundaries and why we have them.

Remember, I am simple minded, a woman who loves the Lord with all my heart, soul, and mind, who believes the Scriptures are Truth, God-breathed and for our benefit and good.

Today I will use only God’s word to show what we should do…this is fairly long & I gleaned some of it from trusted websites…and it is not exhaustive.

The study of Scripture shows many laws, precepts, commands, proverbs & parables that instruct us on how to live.

When I was a babe in Christ, I was studying Scripture and didn’t understand it at times.  I remember calling my dear friend and mentor Kathy saying something like, “I wish there was a manual or instruction book in my mailbox !!”  She chuckled and told me, “You have the greatest instruction manual EVER written in your hands right now !!”  I have never forgotten that.

Over the years, I’ve realized that when I have a question regarding something in Scripture, if I keep reading and studying I will find the answer in Scripture.

As far as the ‘gray” areas?  Well, the Holy Spirit, the third part of the Godhead resides in me.  His moral compass is my conscience.  Over the years while in the Scriptures I have been given a great gift, which is regifted every time I open the Scripture…what is that gift?  Discernment.  I am truly thankful for this precious gift, and never let it rust or decay.  I keep it fresh, clean and polished by staying in the Scriptures.

Well, enough about this simple-minded woman…here are some Scriptures about the “Do This!”



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